"Elujay's Jentrify is a love letter to a changing Oakland." 

- Noisey

"So far, each of Elujay’s releases have remained in the same vein of cool, laid-back tracks that work to match his own style of delivery."

Pigeons & Planes

Oakland rapper, and purveyor of soulful vibes, Elujay dropped off his latest single "Flagrant" recently. The new track is soulful jam that rides smoothly into a trumpet solo from Darnell "Trumpet Dude".

- The Fader

"Elujay is launching a grassroots movement out of Oakland that sounds different from most of the hip hop coming out of the bay."


"The Oakland rapper goes against the grain by using his rap and soul influences to craft a hometown anthem that resonates with his evolving soundscape."


"Elujay is a Hip-Hop artist/producer who uses his eclectic sounds to put his vision on wax. If you’ve never heard material from the Oakland musician & were looking for an overall jest of his artistry, paint a picture in your mind of jazzy production vibes that promote the rising “future bounce” sound."

- The Source

"Jentrify brims with feel-good vibes that posit it as a heartening antidote to the stark realities of today's sociopolitical climate, transforming struggle into a bright picture of resilience."

- East Bay Express